Cardio Training @ Club 90 Studio

‘The usual workout routine’, as everyone calls it, Cardio exercises help you stay lean and strong. Activities like running, stair climbing, rope jumping, Kettlebells, cycling, power walking, sprinting, swimming, rowing etc. are included in Cardio training and all add to the strength building. All these body movements will influence the heart rate, will keep the muscles in shape and make the heart muscles stronger. Giving a dedicated time to these exercises everyday will help you in burning more fat and duration of each exercise is also important as this will result in ‘burn out’ easily. These exercises should be done under supervision for better results and that’s what you get at CLUB90.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday
6 am to 11 am & 4 pm to 10 pm
8 am to 11 am & 4 pm to 10 pm